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Who is Mark Milutin?

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Mark Milutin is the Founder & CEO of Bread Loaf, a digital agency that specializes in Retention Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Shopify Implementation, D2C Tech Enablement, and Creative Services. Mark is also the founder of Brand Marketer, a program designed to help direct-to-consumer brands grow and scale.

Over the years, Mark has worked with notable brands including Mercedes AMG, Marcus Lemonis, Rolls Royce, Toyota I Monster, DIFF Eyewear, Inkkas Shoes, Kenny Flowers, and many more.

As a marketer, Mark’s core focus has been leveraging customer data to drive revenue through retention marketing. Before starting Bread Loaf, Mark worked as a producer and Director of Operations for multiple global advertising agencies.

Agency Experience
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Billion + Emails Sent
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What i Do

My Brands / Agencies


Bread Loaf is a Digital First Agency specializing in Acquisition, Retention, CRO, & Performance Creative Services.

Brand Marketer

BM is a coaching program designed to help small DTC Ecommerce Brands Grow Through Direct Response Marketing.

Retention Labs

Retention Labs is a division of BL that runs retention and lifecycle marketing for Ecommerce, Info/Coaching, and B-to-B Service, and local Businesses.

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